July 22, 2014
"Dependence on apocalyptic thinking is one of the most destructive forms of present shock, and it’s the result of an intolerance for situations with no clear outcome, no winner or loser, no final “result”. It makes people and institutions almost constitutionally incapable of contending with chronic problems, adopting sustainable approaches, or even seeing sustenance as a victory in itself."

Douglas Rushkoff at P2P Foundation from: TECHNOLOGIST 01 JUN 23, 2014. Douglas Rushkoff on why we need a ‘Slow Science’.

July 22, 2014
"There is an historic pride in the fundamental goodness of the Dhamma which causes conflict and hostility. There are enough teachings in the Buddhist Canon that warns against such an attitude, but there are also many examples in Buddhist history where a strong sense of pride in one’s own tradition is supported. It is precisely where an attitude in which the most compassionate, the most Buddhist, the most traditional are valued – that intolerance in Buddhist culture comes into focus."

Paul Fuller at New MandalaCauses of intolerance and prejudice in Buddhism

July 22, 2014

The Time of the Game “was an exercise of my inner Yoko Ono.”

“It is basically about finding ways to make the public space intimate, and yet to do it without going directly to Kumbaya. Under the guise of football, we actually testify to each other’s existence.


Teju Cole quoted in an article by Robinson Meyer in The Atlantic. When the World Watches the World Cup, What Does That Look Like?

A writer and a designer make art to find out, with the help of 2,000 friends.

July 22, 2014
"[H]uman beings seem capable of moving imaginatively, backwards and forwards, of pushing out of the body. I think of it really as an out-of-the-body experience — that’s not something that only shamans and New Age hippies have. It’s something that we all have quite often in our lives. And I wanted to bring that into fiction because it seems to me to be a more honest reality than the rather dull reality of the clock."

Jeanette Winterson via BrainpickingsJeanette Winterson on Time, Language, Reading, and How Art Creates a Sanctified Space for the Human Spirit

More Writers & Company: New Conversations with CBC Radio’s Eleanor Wachtel by Eleanor Wachtel

July 21, 2014
Too often I pay attention to the wrong thing

In my feed today there was a clip from a piece from May this year at BBC Africa: Kenya’s hidden sex tourism in Malindi. I used Google to find the article because having seen reporting on this issue previously, I wondered if something had happen, a new development.

The piece is by BBC producer Charlotte Atwood and was billed as an investigative piece. And heavens knows I’m not a qualified press critic, just someone who reads the news. The article disturbed me from a journalistic stand point. 

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July 21, 2014
"Israel wants all the authority, but none of the responsibility."

The Editors at Middle East Research and Education Project. Gaza Is

July 21, 2014
"It must be emphasized that, despite the terrible human suffering caused by the blockade, the situation in Gaza should not be viewed as a humanitarian crisis that can be resolved through the provision of international aid and assistance. Rather, the current situation in Gaza is a political crisis that can only be resolved through political action. All of the impacts outlined above are the direct result of Israeli actions and policies, and ending the crisis in Gaza therefore requires ending the blockade and Israel’s continued occupation of the Palestinian territory, which are at the root of the crisis."

American Friends Service  Committee. Gaza under siege

July 21, 2014
"What is the collective name for the bombkilled? The governmentdisappeared? The policeslaughtered? The warerased? The developmentsacrificed? What is the collective name for the collateraldamaged? The lookedliketerrorists? The didnotrunfastenough? The livedinthewrongarea? The inthelineoffire? The borninthewrongskinbodyreligiontimegender?"

keguro at Gukira. On Love, On Kindness, On Care

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July 21, 2014
"Without any pressure from the US and the West in general, Israel will continue to bomb Gaza and take Palestinian lives with impunity."

Larbi Sadiki at Al Jazeera. Can Israel be stopped?

New geopolitical realities have cleared the way for the ongoing Israeli offensive against Gaza.

July 21, 2014
Reading Fanon in Palestine/Israel

  • And yet, I hear the echo of the similar in the poetry of Palestine’s national poet, Mahmoud Darwish, In Identity Card, Darwish is wise to his community’s dehumanization, proudly stubborn in his refusal to follow the law ofthe bluest eye, fiery about his roots, aware of his capacity for love and patience; and yet awakened to the sounds of hungry bellies.

    The question remains for the rest of us: what about our own situatedness as embedded in the law prevents us from hearing them? (my emphasis)

Nasser Rego at Jadaliyya

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