September 1, 2014
"There are some things that if learned change a person forever. You cannot know of the slaughter running along the border and remain the same person."

Ricky Pittman at The Bard of the South. Murder City by Charles Bowden: A Short Review

Murder City: Ciudad Juarez and the Global Economy’s New Killing Fields (Barnes & Noble)

September 1, 2014
"It’s a doubling down, a race to the bottom. Look, the global economy now, in essence operates this way: labor’s trapped and capital moves."

Charles Bowden interviewed by David Zlutnick at Truth Out. The Real War on Drugs: Veteran Border Journalist Charles Bowden Speaks

September 1, 2014
"He would actually refer to a book or an article as a song. He taught me to go to some of the ugliest, darkest places in life but not to write a horror story about it. To go where most of us really don’t want to go but, essentially, to sing a song about it. To capture the music of what happened."

Barry Graham quoted in a story by Matthew Casey and Kaila White at Arizona Republic. Author, journalist Charles Bowden dies at 69

August 31, 2014
Author Charles Bowden Dies in New Mexico

August 31, 2014

MSMBS World News Headlies: ISIS, Gaza, Ukraine and more… [RAP NEWS 27]


Published on Aug 30, 2014

A Rap News summary of the past months’ remarkable series of events. From Gaza to Syria, ISIS to Ukraine, Sinkholes to Ebola, Ferguson to Robin Williams, the world has been experiencing a seemingly endless series of events befitting of a Ronald Emmerich movie. How do we manage to deal with all the painful ironies and bloody tragedies of these times? To find out, we tune into frequency which informs us about all these events: the mainstream media. Join veteran MSMBS host Brian Washington as he brings you all the latest World News Headlies - without a trace of irony. 

Written & created by Giordano Nanni & Hugo Farrant in a suburban backyard home studio in Melbourne, Australia, on Wurundjeri Land.

August 31, 2014
"Here’s what’s really going on. Constitutional Democracy itself is broken. Not just “in America”; but across the world. As an idea. Because it has few defenders left. And so the thugs and men with guns have simply stormed in, and…taken it away."

Umair Haque at Medium. Can Democracy Survive?

August 31, 2014
"After a series of misfortunes since the “orang-utan” comment – six surgical interventions (two live-saving), the death of his mother, fractured bones and, just last week, the discovery of a 6ft snake in the kitchen of his house in Bergamo, northern Italy – Mr Calderoli is in no doubt about the magical nature of the threat, and has consulted a mystic."

The Independent. Italy’s Deputy Senate Speaker who compared country’s first black minister to an ‘orang-utan’ claims he is ‘cursed’ by African spirits after spell of bad luck

August 31, 2014
"[T]he key to an integrated self is to construct a rich identity of contributions that stem from active participation in many different communities. No longer New Age or Old Age but building on elements of both, a relational spirituality could form a cornerstone of the contributive societies on which the twenty-first century will be built."

Michel Bauwens at Open Democracy. Is there any value in New Age thinking?

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August 31, 2014
"The social and aesthetic significance of GBM [Great Black Music] is very precisely its warrior stance in the face of status quo exploitation and its healing force for the victims of that exploitation. Ultimately, the best of our music helps us resist exploitation and reconstruct ourselves whole and healthy. Traditionally GBM is been both an inspiration to keep on keeping on and a healing force in the universe. That is why GBM is such a joyful noise!"

Kalamu ya Salaam at Neo Griot

August 30, 2014
"Given all that’s happened, the only explanation for the Bush domestic spying is that it’s political. There are no crimes involved here. But there is an overweaning desire by this so-called conservative government to establish and institutionalize a Big Brother regime that tolerates no dissent and wrecks constitutional government."

James Ridgeway in The Village Voice. The Bush Family Coup

Son revisits the sins of the father on America

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