November 21, 2013
Even Israel would benefit from a nuclear weapons-free Middle East

Paul Woodward puts snippets from two sources: Scott McConnell at The American Conservative andFarah Stockman  at Boston Globe exploringIsrael’s nuclear arsenal and the potential for a nuclear weapons-free Middle East.

July 10, 2012
"The notion that Iran can’t be trusted with such a weapon obscures a larger point: given their power to destroy life on a monumental scale, no individual and no government can ultimately be trusted with the bomb."

William D. Hartung at Tom DispatchBeyond Nuclear Denial 

How a World-Ending Weapon Disappeared From Our Lives, But Not Our World

June 17, 2012
"And how ironic that the first acknowledged military use of cyberwarfare is ostensibly to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons. A new age of mass destruction will begin in an effort to close a chapter from the first age of mass destruction."

Kennette Benedict in Bulletin of the Atomic ScientistsStuxnet and the Bomb

June 17, 2012
"We need to look at the optimistic scenario of diplomatic progress — not because signs are hopeful or the path is clear, but to ask how war can be avoided."

David Schorr in Democracy ArsenalNo (Iran) War for Zero Enrichment! 

May 28, 2012
"What they really appear to be doing is using nuclear issues as an excuse to attempt to destabilize the regime via never-ending draconian sanctions. All the while Iran will continue to stockpile enriched uranium."

Yousef Butt in The Christian Science MonitorBy not lifting sanctions, West and Obama are helping Iran enrich uranium

The West just blew its latest chance to rein in Iran’s nuclear enrichment program. Though Iran expressed willingness to compromise on key demands, by refusing to ease sanctions, the P5+1 nations offered no meaningful reciprocity, derailing the possibility of a deal with Tehran.

April 15, 2012
"The Iranian chief nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili, described Saturday’s talks as being based on co-operation and “very successful”."

James Reynolds at BBCIran nuclear talks in Istanbul ‘constructive’

The first discussions between Iran and six world powers on Tehran’s nuclear programme have ended on a positive note, Western officials have said.

More here. 

April 13, 2012
"It seems unavoidable that any de-escalation of Iranian nuclear activities must be accompanied with a de-escalation of sanctions in order for a deal to be struck."

Trita Parsi at Huffington PostFor Peace, Both Obama and Khamenei Must Compromise

April 13, 2012
"Historical memory has never been an American strong point and so few today remember that a global embargo on Iranian petroleum is hardly a new tactic in Western geopolitics; nor do many recall that the last time it was applied with such stringency, in the 1950s, it led to the overthrow of the government with disastrous long-term blowback on the United States. The tactic is just as dangerous today."

Juan Cole at Tom DispatchTomgram: Juan Cole, The Iran Conundrum

April 12, 2012
"But it is through over-reaching in relation to financial sanctions where the US may well have made a major strategic error. At the very time when the banking system is in crisis, the last thing the US should be doing is forcing a major oil producer like Iran to make alternative arrangements."

Chris Cook at Asia Times. Iran talks have right mix for history

April 10, 2012
"Only the single standard of a nuclear weapons–free world fits the realities of the new era."

Jonathan Schell in The NationThinking the Unthinkable on Iran

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