December 31, 2011
"The catastrophe is the real issue. The differing opinions as to what caused the catastrophe (which seems not to have ended) are what really got my attention. Some passionately explain that an underage white girl was raped by a big black guy and the city was burned as the result of a race-fueled revenge riot. Other’s make it clear that what really happened was that an important black activist was shot and the city burned in protest of that particularly tragic crime. Maybe this is how Sodom and Gomorrah burned. Not in a single flash but in one ongoing repetition like a truly sadistic vision of hell. A multiple profusion expressed in a recurring ball of fire."

Jay Sheib at 21 C The Future is Here.Samuel R. Delaney: Dhalgren Lives On: Samuel R. Delaney’s Dhalgren as both book and theatre. 

by Ashley Crawford, June 9, 2010 

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