September 27, 2014
"Returning to the image of the tree, if we are the leaves and our children the buds, then it seems that our culture has shot upwards so fast that we have uprooted our ancient ancestral tree. We need to look down, tend to those roots, and pay heed to the instinctive resources that rise up from them."

Mike Jones at Transition Culture. Mike Jones on making space for the primal nature of kids

September 7, 2014

Big people are little when they are mean.

But little people are not big when they are mean.


Toni & Slade Morrison in The book of Mean People at Brainpickings. The Book of Mean People: Toni Morrison’s Children’s Allegory about Kindness and Context

I haven’t read The Book of Mean People. I was a little startled to see so many hostile reviews at GoodReads. So even while I haven’t read the book, my hunch is that I agree more with Maria Popova than the negative reviewers. The negative reviews presume a very literal interpretation of the text. In my experience with stories and children—limited—that doesn’t feel the way stories operate. Popova presumes children will understand the story as allegory, and that rings  true to me.

August 23, 2014
Letter From the Border: New Crisis is the Old Crisis - The Intercept

A wonderful first article  by Natasha Vargas-Cooper  at The Intercept

With the events in Ferguson MO the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen a number of  white Americans express a sense of shock about the visible racism. I’m hardly enlightened, As old as I am, I’ve seen a lot of racism in my time. But it’s shocking when what is mostly invisible to me becomes visible. Earlier this month I was leveled by talk in person and online about  immigration in advance of the House of Representatives going into summer recess.

Natasha Vargas-Cooper creates a narrative in the article in a way that I had been unable to do; pointing here and there. My problem was telling that this isn’t new and there’s important history to notice. 

Anyhow big props to Natasha Vargas-Cooper.

June 27, 2014
"How should a society be structured to ensure peace? In the Haudenosaunee tradition there is a clear order of priority. The aim of the society is to raise happy, community oriented, self confident people, so the focus is on how children are raised to give them the experiences that create this. Putting the children at the centre also means ensuring that mothers in particular, and all parents and care-givers are given the support they need. It’s as if these people had an instinctive understanding of what humanistic psychology has told us, and neuroscience is increasingly confirming, that having happy healthy mothers during pregnancy and in the days and months after birth is really important to creating resilient, caring and self-resourced human beings."

—  Sophy Banks at Transition Network. Sophy Banks on the politics of the heart

June 10, 2014
"Black children need teachers who can reflect the history of our people to them in an honest and empowering way. They also need teachers who see them, who don’t think of them as deficient, as problems to solve, or as thugs-in-training, when they are really just children, innocent and eager and as capable of learning as anyone else. They need teachers who can love them. In a world that tells them they are less, having authority figures, from an early age, who believe in their humanity, in their goodness, in their extraordinariness, is everything."

Mia McKenzie at Black Girl DangerousThe White Teachers I Wish I Never Had

Via Reclaim UC at Sunday Reading.

May 6, 2014
"The right question to ask isn’t ‘‘Does the Internet make us free?’’ The right question to ask is ‘‘How can the Internet make us free?’’"

Cory Doctorow at Locus OnlineCory Doctorow: How to Talk to Your Children About Mass Surveillance

March 29, 2014
"The many skills children develop through play, particularly the self-control practiced and refined in imaginary play, are related to long-term academic achievement."

Wendy Banning and Ginny Sullivan quoted in an article by David Sobel at Yes! MagazineYou Can’t Bounce Off the Walls If There Are No Walls: Outdoor Schools Make Kids Happier—and Smarter

Lens on Outdoor Learning

March 29, 2014
"Howard Glasser’s biggest fear in life is that a child might grow up not knowing how great a person he is. It keeps Glasser awake at night sometimes, this image of a kid thinking he’s no good. It lodges a pit in his throat."


via ShrinkRants

Howard Glasser

March 8, 2014
"I don’t care about Republicans and Democrats. But we are talking about children that need to be fed. Cutting school lunch programs doesn’t accomplish that."

Laura Schroff quoted in an article by Jason Linkins at Huffington PostPaul Ryan’s ‘Brown Bag’ Anecdote Seems To Have Been Purloined 

February 13, 2014

Children Being in the World

a film by KB Jinan. see for more.

To be of the Earth is to know …

the restlessness of being a seed

the darkness of being planted

the struggle towards the light

the joy of bursting and bearing fruit

the love of being food for someone

the scattering of your seeds

the decay of the seasons

the mystery of death

the miracle of birth

~John Soos

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