October 5, 2014
"Our entire culture is oriented toward machines, not living systems, and what defines a machine is precisely that it’s meant to do exactly what it’s told and nothing else. Push this button, and that happens; turn this switch, and something else happens; pull this trigger, and the buffalo falls dead. We’re taught to think of the world as though that same logic controlled its responses to our actions, and then get blindsided when it acts like a whole system instead."

John Michael Greer at The Archdruid Report. The Buffalo Wind

August 8, 2014
"The case for direct state intervention to finance the development of the vaccines and antibiotics that the commercial sector neglects is overwhelming. And very urgent."

Gwynne Dyer at Straight. Ebola and the economics of infection

July 11, 2014
"The vast majority of Central Americans are vaccinated against all these diseases. Governments concerned about health, and good parents investing in their kids, have made Central American kids better-vaccinated than Texan kids. We fear them not because they are actually sick, but because of powerful anti-immigration narratives that link foreigners to disease."

Rachel Pearson in The Texas Observer. Disease Threat From Immigrant Children Wildly Overstated

The Central American kids arriving in Texas are likely to be better-vaccinated than children in Texas.

July 9, 2014
"Honestly, is there anything worse than public servants getting rich on other people’s money? Actually, there may be. What about public servants who are muzzled and prevented from talking to average citizens about potential serious health problems? There have been startling allegations in recent weeks that over the last three years workers in Pennsylvania’s Health Department have been hampered into talking with citizens about any issues that may be related to fracking."

Will Bunch at Philly.comA Harrisburg scandal that no one is talking about


July 5, 2014
"There are 1.6 billion people in the world without a single light bulb. Four out of five people lacking access to electricity live in rural areas. 70% are women and girls who spend up to 40% of their family income on inefficient and dangerous fuels like kerosene. And according to IFC report, fuel based lighting is responsible for carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to those from 30 million cars annually. Every day, women and children inhale smoke equivalent to two packs of cigarettes due to indoor air pollution. How can we create a bright future if women and girls around the world continue to live a life of darkness, and not one of possibilities?"

Neha Misra at Indian Country TodayJourneys of Light: When Women Power Meets Green Power

May 2, 2014
"A post-antibiotic era — in which common infections and minor injuries can kill — far from being an apocalyptic fantasy, is instead a very real possibility for the twenty-first century."

Keiji Fukuda quoted in an article by Sara Reardon in NatureWHO warns against ‘post-antibiotic’ era

Agency recommends global system to monitor spread of resistant microbes.

May 25, 2013
"Fortune’ s account of what occurred inside Ranbaxy and how the FDA responded to it raises serious questions about whether our government can effectively safeguard a drug supply that last year was 84% generic, according to the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, much of that manufactured in distant places. More than 80% of active pharmaceutical ingredients for all U.S. drugs now come from overseas, as do 40% of finished pills and capsules."

Katherine Eban at CNNMoneyDirty medicine

The epic inside story of long-term criminal fraud at Ranbaxy, the Indian drug company that makes generic Lipitor for millions of Americans.

May 24, 2013
"Saudi Arabia lamented Thursday that foreign drug companies had patented the new SARS-like virus that has killed 22 people worldwide in less than a year, slowing down the diagnosis process considerably."

AFP/jc Channel NewsAsiaSARS-like virus patent complicating diagnosis

April 18, 2013
"If we intend to develop policies that are fair and just, we must collaborate with sex workers themselves to afford them the dignity that they and all of us deserve. It’s time for sex workers’ rights to be an integrated part of the global human rights agenda."

Ruth Messinger at RH Reality CheckWhy Sex Workers Must Be Part of the Global Human Rights Agenda

March 28, 2013
"And the mosquito nets are having a significant knock-on benefit for families: in Kisii, preliminary results show that farmers are reporting 40 percent fewer cases of malaria in their homes. While Kenyans often attribute illness to malaria without knowing the true cause, a direct human health benefit shouldn’t come as a surprise."

Sociolingo at SocioLingo AfricaNetting flies and mosquitoes protects livestock, boosts milk yields

 @sociolingo on Twitter

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