June 7, 2014
"But beyond surveillance and privacy, one of the goals of this NSA reporting (at least from my perspective) was to trigger a desperately needed debate about journalism itself, and the proper relationship of journalists to those who wield political and economic power."

Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept. Encouraging Words of Regret From Dean Baquet and Weasel Words From James Clapper

June 4, 2014
Photos: Tiananmen protesters were heartbreakingly young, earnest, and happy

Great article by Mark Murrmann and James West. As a bonus Mother Jones served up an ad for Bentley Motor Cars. Seeing the ad made me laugh. What in the world is the thinking behind that ad buy? Maybe the pleasure of the ruling class sticking out their tongue :)

"the Bentley Continental GT provides you with a feeling of limitless power ” Oh what a feeling!

June 4, 2014
"The closer the press gets to official sanction, the worse the reporting we’ll get."

Marcy Wheeler at Emptywheel. DOJ’s Cake-Eating on Journalists Will Build Support for Faulty Journalist Shield

May 14, 2014
"Tonight, in “United States of Secrets,” the first of a two-part look at how this country became such an out-of-control surveillance state, it calls out former National Security Agency Director Michael Hayden as a liar’s liar. It really, truly, deeply calls him out."

David Zurawik in The Baltimore Sun. PBS Frontline tonight explains how NSA shredded our privacy and rights

"United States of Secrets’ the kind of report that redeems TV journalism

PBS Frontline United States of Secrets. Watch the episode (2 hrs) and much more at the Web site

May 10, 2014
"Whatever the reason, we are losing an important source of informed, courageous coverage of very difficult times in Yemen. And, as Iona Craig points out, if the Yemeni government is getting rid of observers, we should be wondering: ‘what are they trying to hide?’"

Kate Cronin-Furman at Wroning Rights. WTF Friday

May 9, 2014

In his closing speech, Edis told jurors of Brooks: “Ultimately her case here has to be it never occurred to me that this person might be a public official.

"Well what sort of an idiot would you have to be in that state of mind over that period of time," he said.


Lisa O’Carroll reporting in The Guardian. Brooks a ‘complete fool’ if she did not realise payments were for public official 

Sun editor ‘must have known’ about identity of reporter’s number one military contact, Old Bailey jury told

May 9, 2014
"Journalism’s been a continuing course in adult education for me. And I’ve lived long enough to see the triumph of zealots and absolutists, to watch money swallow politics, to witness the rise of the corporate state. See the party of working and poor people become a sycophant of crony capitalism. Watch the union of church and state become fashionable again. Witness the coupling of news and entertainment. See everyday people cast overboard as the pirates and predators of Wall Street seized the ship of state. I didn’t drift; I moved left just by standing still."

Bill Moyers interviewed by Peter Dreier at The Progressive. Bill Moyers

April 23, 2014
"Directive 119 increases the insularity of the national security state, making the public less safe, not more. Until this directive was issued, intelligence community employees could provide subtext and context for the stories produced by the national security press without breaking the law. Starting now, every news story about the national security establishment that rates disfavor with the national security establishment — no matter how innocuous — will rate a full-bore investigation of sources by authorities."

Jack Shafer at Reuters.  The top spook’s stupid gag order

April 8, 2014
"Those programs, carried out in secrecy and with little accountability (it seems nobody in Congress knew of the “Cuban Twitter” program in any detail) threaten the integrity of the internet itself, as state-disseminated propaganda masquerades as free online speech and organizing. There is thus little or no ability for an internet user to know when they are being covertly propagandized by their government, which is precisely what makes it so appealing to intelligence agencies, so powerful, and so dangerous."

Glenn Greewald at The Intercept. The “Cuban Twitter” Scam Is a Drop in the Internet Propaganda Bucket

April 8, 2014

Given that real terrorists, and even wannabe terrorists, don’t seem to photograph anything, why is it such pervasive conventional wisdom that terrorists photograph their targets? Why are our fears so great that we have no choice but to be suspicious of any photographer?

Because it’s a movie-plot threat.*


Bruce Schneier at Schneier on Security. The War on Photography

*movie-plot threat

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