July 20, 2012
"One thing that can be said about poor people in general is that they do not like to have someone’s idea of poverty interfere with their idea of themselves as human beings. They know what’s not there but they also deal with what’s there."

John Chernoff from his book Hustling Is Not Stealing.

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November 29, 2011
"At the heart of slow violence is the paradox of the long-term emergency. We’re taught to deal with immediate emergencies first, then turn to the long-term. Long-term can wait. But while we’re waiting for the right time to address the long-term emergencies, those emergencies aren’t static—in the interim, they’re being compounded; often they encroach more and more emphatically on the present."

Rob Nixon at SocialTextSlow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor: An Interview with Rob Nixon

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