August 26, 2014
"If we don’t dance in the process of trying to stop wars then chances are that, when we finally succeed–and we will–we’ll have forgotten how to dance. And all that effort will have been in vain."

Bill Benzon at 3Quarks DailyIt’s Time to Change the World, Again

May 7, 2014
"The whole first record was so that I could set that line up, so I could say, ‘We are all at each other’s mercy.’ Once again — empathy, empathy, empathy. We are all at each other’s mercy, and if you have this dream of destruction, it’s not going to come out well for all of us. Because I felt like that was such an important thing to say, we follow that up with an eight-minute really beautiful rondo that says, ‘This is like a reflecting pool after that one line.’"

Sam Baker on Fresh Air at NPR. Finding Grace In The Wake Of Destruction

Sam Baker’s Web site

May 7, 2014
"But other traditions – such as those of the shamans I met – suggest to us that the universe is fragile, indeterminate, playful, arbitrary and connected; our pains are creative aspects of being, invitations to transform our experiences and emerge from the reality grids we are currently trapped in."

Adebayo Clement-Akomolafe at Post GrowthWe Will Tell Our Stories: The Power of Disenchantment and Alternative Futures for Africa

June 2, 2012
"In light of the rapid growth and mobility of society, it is critical that “well-being” not be defined by consumption, but that we seek instead to achieve sustainable and prosperous development within our planetary limits."

Antonia Sohns at WorldwatchSocietal Transformation: How Radical Does It Need to Be?

April 29, 2012
Good Earth Singers

"No movement for lasting positive change has ever happened without the power of song as inspirational catalyst."

March 25, 2012
"It’s not too late to figure out how to shift our own energy and the energy of others toward this incredible challenge. We can start now to build the spirit toward what we can do to make a difference."

Frances Moore Lappe interviewed by Francesca Rheannon at CRSWireReady, Set, Re-Frame! A Conversation with Frances Moore Lappé about EcoMind

A new book argues that, to solve the planetary crisis, we need to change our mental maps.

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