June 2, 2012
"In light of the rapid growth and mobility of society, it is critical that “well-being” not be defined by consumption, but that we seek instead to achieve sustainable and prosperous development within our planetary limits."

Antonia Sohns at WorldwatchSocietal Transformation: How Radical Does It Need to Be?

April 29, 2012
Good Earth Singers

"No movement for lasting positive change has ever happened without the power of song as inspirational catalyst."

March 25, 2012
"It’s not too late to figure out how to shift our own energy and the energy of others toward this incredible challenge. We can start now to build the spirit toward what we can do to make a difference."

Frances Moore Lappe interviewed by Francesca Rheannon at CRSWireReady, Set, Re-Frame! A Conversation with Frances Moore Lappé about EcoMind

A new book argues that, to solve the planetary crisis, we need to change our mental maps.

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